Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of frequently asked questions about our 3 month Ballet Time course. If you have another question not listed below, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

  • How long are Ballet Time courses?

    Each Ballet Time course is run over 3 months. During the course our students receive 12 x 10-minute video lessons per month for a total of 36 x 10-minute lessons in each 3-month course.

  • How young can my child start?

    Our Ballet Time courses have been specifically developed for children aged 2-6, however, we have found that for children aged 7-8 that haven’t danced before the lessons are an excellent educational and entertainment device.

  • How much is a Ballet Time course?

    Our 3-month course costs $24.99 per month (each month for 3 months) or if you pay for the course upfront it costs $70.

  • Can I access my lessons for the whole 3 months?

    The lessons are released on a monthly basis, for example all 12 lessons from month 1 are released on day 1 of month 1 and will be available until the end of the 3-month course. Month 2 lessons will be released after 30 days and remain accessible to users for the remainder of the 3-month course.

  • When my child completes the 3-month course is there another level they can move to?

    We are so excited to announce that we are currently developing a range of courses for different levels and they will be released soon for students to progress to.

  • Is the course like the trial clips?

    Here at Ballet Time each lesson is different! Our lessons progress as they teach new concepts/fundamentals at the beginning of the month and progress in difficulty as the month goes on.

  • How do I watch a lesson?

    It is super simple! Click on the month you want to stream, then select the week you are up to, and then select the lesson. This will bring you to the landing page of the lesson and here you can click play and stream on any smart device! We recommend streaming on the TV!

  • How do I cast to my smart TV?

    For Apple TV:

    1. Select a lesson
    2. Click the little TV icon will appear in the bottom left hand corner. Select this icon and your clip will instantly stream to your Apple TV.

    For Chrome casting:

    1. Open the Google Home app and go to the Account tab.
    2. Scroll down and select the Mirror device.
    3. Tap on the Cast Screen/Audio button and then jump on our website and select your clip and it will stream!

    For Android:

    1. Select the link under each clip you want to stream