Learn to dance online!

At Ballet Time, we share our love for ballet with online dance classes!

We believe that ballet should be accessible to everyone.


Our online dance classes mean that your child can learn ballet anywhere, any time by using a smart device.


With a team of experienced dancers backed by teaching qualifications, we are passionate about cultivating the lifelong benefits of ballet on the mind, body and spirit in a format that is exciting for children aged 2-6.


Our 3 month ballet course consists of 12 x 10-minute pre-recorded new video dance lessons, delivered every month for the duration of the course. In each course your child can engage in an interactive, dance-based practice with an educational focus that embeds literacy, numeracy and mindfulness skills.


With access to 12 videos per month for a total of 36 lessons in each 3 month course, your child will participate in warm up exercises, ballet and jazz fundamentals, and cool down stretches that progress in difficulty.


These online dance lessons support your child to develop coordination and spatial awareness, whilst fostering creativity and learning in an environment that suits you both.

We are so happy you are here and can’t wait to see you in class!

About Miss Ashlee

With a Bachelor in Education, Certificate in Performing Arts and Teachers Diploma in Musical Theatre, Miss Ashlee has been teaching for over a decade and believes that if your child is inclined to dance at an early age, you should foster their growth in this field.


Miss Ashlee started dancing at the age of 2 and loved it immediately!

She has worked internationally as a dancer and now resides in Brisbane working as a dance teacher.


From creative expression and core cognitive skills, to memory consolidation and full-body motor coordination, Ballet Time classes provide the opportunity to explore these benefits in a safe, supportive, flexible environment of your choosing.


“The benefits of ballet for children are comprehensive and long-lasting.” – Miss Ashlee